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Kenya is one of the best holiday destinations in Africa offering tourists unforgettable adventures. Here are some awesome things to do on holiday or safari in Kenya.

1.) Game watching Boasting 54 national parks and game reserves that are home to a thriving population of wildlife, Kenya is one of the best safari destinations in Africa. Here you find an incredibly huge array of wild animals in their natural habitats, including elephants, lions, leopards, buffaloes and rhinos.

Tour operators meticulously plan game drives for their clients to ensure they get the most rewarding game watching safaris.   If you are brave enough, a hot air balloon ride will offer you the best opportunity to watch the animals.

Some of the most popular and rewarding Kenya safari destinations include Masai Mara Game Reserve, where you can witness the Great Wildebeest Migration, Tsavo, Amboseli and Lake Nakuru national parks.
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2.) Birdwatching With more than 1, 000 birds species, Kenya is a paradise for birding enthusiasts. Thick forest covers of Mount Kenya, Aberdare Ranges and Kakamega forest are among the most popular bird watching destinations in Kenya. Masai Mara Game Reserve and the lowlands of Lake Nakuru and Lake Bogoria are also popular among birdwatching enthusiasts. Some of the birds that can be spotted here include long-crested eagles, marabous, ross turacos, white-tipped crests,   vultures,   ostriches and many others (both endemic and near endemic).

3.) Cultural tours Kenya has a rich culture that captivates its visitors. From the urban night life to the crazy matatu culture, the country has so much to be explored for the discerning visitor. The local communities especially the Turkana, Samburu and the Maasai, who have for years coexisted with animals, have a rich cultural heritage that will surprise you. It is widely claimed that African lions of the Masai Mara fear the Maasai and have learnt to free from them! (See below video). However, you will find Maasai to be very friendly and they will even perform their traditional dance at your request.

4.) Mountain climbing Kenya has more than 20 mountains, several ranges and numerous hills that offer a challenge to tourists looking for a mountain climbing experience. From the challenging Mount Kenya, the second tallest mountain in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro, to the easily scalable Mount Longonot in Naivasha, the county offers unforgettable mountain climbing adventures.

5.) Sunbathing and beach tours Endowed with about 500 kilometers of coastline lined with numerous white sandy beaches, Kenya offers unimaginable sunbathing and beach tour opportunities. You have no excuse to miss out this wonderful experience.

6.) Water sports Apart from beach tours, the Indian Ocean offers water sports activities such as deep-sea fishing and scuba diving for the adventurous visitor. And if you are not anywhere near the coast, whitewater rafting might be a perfect alternative for you. Athi River and Tana River offer great whitewater rafting locations.

When to go: Kenya is an all-year-round safari destination. However, the best time to visit the country is during the hottest and driest season between February and March.

During this period, vegetation is thin and animals tend to assemble around permanent water holes – making it possible to go on very rewarding game viewing Kenya safaris.

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