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Recently, I visited Rajinder Da Dhaba, Safdarjung, New Delhi – This place was recommended by one friend. We were group of 5 friends who decided to eat our dinner at this place. I was at connaught place that day, finished my meeting around 7:30 and started for this place. My office cab dropped me at the some fancy banner place called RDX it was a fine dining place. I went inside and found out that it is a desi restaurant & bar with some people outside the restaurant, these people neither look like waiters and neither professional.

The helped me to locate a nice table for 5 people on the first floor, one of my friend arrived and we ordered some food including chilly chicken and chicken drumsticks, both were bad and drumsticks were worse. Other 3 friends arrived and the our friend who suggested the place said its the wrong place. We did the billing, I paid the around 1030 INR for those shitty food items we ate.

We went out and to my surprize the entire complex is owned by one single food chain called Rajinder Da Dhaba. RDX is also one part of it, but don’t go there if you really want to waste your money because you want to sit and eat. The outside place around the complex where you get kebabs is called Rajinder Xpress. This is the place where you get mouth melting kebabs, you can them for take away for 50 INR but you decide to eat the inside you will have to pay around 300 INR for the same.

As we went to other side the complex we found out parking of cars, lots of bikes and scooters and delhi people who were there for food not to sit and relax.

Yes, that how you eat street food. We ordered Galouti kebabs for which this place is known for. We were amazed by what they do with and how make them. These kebabs melted in the mouth and felt the way kebabs should. We decided to eat some shawarmas but they did not tasted that well but we all were hungry and we finished shawarmas.

We roamed around the complex to eat some breads, we managed to reach the area where there are big bowls of chicken gravy, mutton gravy items and more you can order that and eat it, there are very few simple tables outside and you might get it because of rush of people. You may have to eat by making a bike as table. There is no proper infrastructure at this place, it’s noisy and full of dirt here and there. We ordered Keema Meet a Mutton item, but the moment we tasted it we did not liked it, we went back to return it but got to know its not possible, you should not even expect the same.

Keema Meet

But the counter guy was nice to give us a some chicken gravy with which we ate our single breads, btw the tandoori roti at this place is the best I have ever eaten in any restaurant. Ambience – Average and can be really bad if you expected this to be something like a resturant. Food – Great or Average depending on what you eat here. Do not try mutton items in gravy, also shawarmas are not good. The best thing you eat here is Galouti Kebabs. Conclusion – You can go with family here, but I recommend that you go with friends here not with family.

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