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Hong Kong is made up of five districts – Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, N ew Territories, Lantou and the outlying islands. Most visitors will enter Hong Kong via its international airport – Chep Lap Kok. Those taking internal flights around the country will often use the Shenzhen International Airport.


Since opening in 2005, Disneyland has been one of Hong Kong’s biggest tourist attractions. It is located on Lantau Island in Penny’s Bay. Here you can be a child again and live out your fantasy. There are two hotels – The Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and Disney’s Hollywood Hotel where visitors can choose to stay.

Ocean Park

World renowned for its exhibits, you can stay occupied all day riding the rides, watching the animals, birds and marine life or exploring the different themed areas.

Middle Kingdom

You get to experience China’s history in this incredible living museum. Replicas of streets, temples, pagodas, shrines, acrobats and street acts and palaces transport you through 5, 000 years of history. Admission to Ocean Park includes admission to this amazing miniature world.

Lamma Island

It is an unspoiled island where no cars are allowed on the island. The villages offer fresh seafood that is absolutely delectable. Check out our Weekly Special Deals in Hong Kong Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (Fat Man Sze) Located high above Sha Tin you have to climb the 400 stairs up to the monastery.  There are Buddhas of all descriptions and there are Buddhas everywhere you look. Happy Buddhas, solemn Buddhas, playful Buddhas, fierce Buddhas, gentle Buddhas and reverent Buddhas line the pathways; decorate the monastery temple walls and every other conceivable place.

Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower

It is the only remnant of the original site of the formal Kowloon Station or also known as the Kowloon-Canton Railway. It is near the Victoria Harbour and it is built with red bricks and granite and declared as monument since 1990.

Wet Markets

The wet markets are the best place to buy fresh food and the best ones are found in Happy Valley, Wanchai, Mongkok, Central, Yau Ma Tei, and North Point.

Times Square

The most famous and popular major shopping centre in Causeway Bay on the Hong Kong Island opened since 1994. This site was previously used as a tram depot for the Hong Kong Tramways. The Causeway Bay MTR station is right below it, and there is a passage way that links directly to the shopping mall.

The Heritage Museum

Located in the Sha Tin New Town, it was first opened in December 2000 with a vast total area of 32, 000 square meters. This famous museum shows the history of  generations that passed. There is also a huge collection of Chinese paintings by the very well known painter, Zhao Shao’ang.

The Museum of Art

Located in Kowloon and features more than 14, 000 art collections that include  paintings, antiques, and ancient works of HK’s local artists.

The Science Museum

Located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon and exhibits all science-related inventions that are made by the Hong Kong locals including latest discoveries in various science fields like transportation, robotics and many more.

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